Planned litters

Our first

"Keen Workers" litter

arrived! More information at A-litter 2018


The Parents are my Border Collie bitch Tequila and Nadine Alshut's boy Cinna.




Tequila is pregnant! :)


Tequila and Cinna mated at 27th & 29th July.

We expect pups around 28th September.


Tequila Rose of Shamrock Field


Coat: Black tri, medium coated

Date of birth: 24.10.2013

Height: 49 cm

Weight: 14,5 kg


HD: A1

ED: 0

OCD: free


CEA: DNA normal

TNS: DNA normal

NCL: DNA normal

MDR1: DNA normal

IGS: DNA normal

Free of hereditary eye diseases 03/2015


You can find some videos of Tequila at my YouTube-Channel


You can find further information of Tequila at Tequila's site.


Darleyfalls Born With Style


Coat: Back and white, smooth coated

Date of birth: 18.12.2015

Height: 52,5 cm

Weight: 16,8 kg


HD: B1

ED: 0

OCD: free


CEA: DNA normal

TNS: DNA normal

NCL: DNA normal

MDR1: DNA normal

IGS: DNA normal

DM: DNA normal

MC: DNA normal

PLL: DNA normal

SN: DNA normal

Glaucom: DNA normal


Free of hereditary eye diseases 10/2017


You can find some videos of Cinna at Nadine's YouTube-Channel


You can find further information of Cinna at Cinna's site on Nadine's website.

Pedigree of the pups

About Cinna


Cinna is a very expressive male, who radiates an insane self-confidence in his early years. At home he is very pleasant and relaxed. In addition, he is extremely loving and would like to cuddle all day long. If he meets other dogs outside, he usually ignores them or makes friendly contact. Even visits of foreign males in Nadine's apartment are no problem for him. Cinna is not an aggressive dog and would never attack another dog for no reason. But should it ever come to a situation in which he would have to defend himself, he wouldn't resign or submit to the other dog. In the city or in strange situations, he also behaves calmly and fearlessly and he also shows no reaction to loud noises.


While working Cinna is always highly concentrated, thinks and can perform the tasks at the same time quickly. He is also a quiet worker and does not bark or whine. Another very pleasant plus factor is Cinna's ability to criticize. He is very tough without being blunt.


Cinna promoted into A3 in October 2017 and has already demonstrated his potential in international competitions. He has an incredible body sensation and can therefore turn very tight on jumps. At the same time he always runs with full speed and loses no speed even in the turns.

My expectations to this litter


From this litter I expect healthy, self-confident and relaxed Border Collies, who can easily switch off at home and always give 100% at work, without being headlessly crazy. 


Since I have dealt extensively with hereditary diseases (epilepsy, OCD, HD, ED, ...) in Border Collies lines, this aspect was of course important to me and I did a lot of research with regard to Cinnas lines. Of course you can never exclude a disease, especially since in my opinion there are no completely healthy lines anymore. However, there are high and low risk lines and you can try to minimize the risk of a litter. Cinna comes from England and has a very good pedigree, which in my view has a very low risk of disease. In connection with Tequila I expect from this litter healthy, robust puppy.


With regard to agility I expect very strong drive puppies with strong nerves and a great body feeling, will-to-please, taking much pleasure in working and of course with speed.


In everyday life, both Cinna and Tequila, are totally open and sweet dogs, who also are open with strangers and are always friendly. At home, both are the biggest cuddlers. Both behave calmly in stressful or unfamiliar situations and do not react in panic or fear to it.

I also think that Cinna and Tequila will complement each other very well. I attached great importance to the fact that the male brings a certain hardness, because Tequila is for me personally, despite her sovereignty, in everyday life  is a litle bit too soft (only in everyday life, never at work). Cinna brings just that hardness without being blunt or unresponsive to it.


On the other hand, Tequila brings with it the gift of not getting provoked by other dogs and avoiding a dispute confidently or deescaling it. I hope this property, combined with Cinna's character, will get very sovereign puppies who will try to avoid disputes without being submissive.


Since Cinna has been genetically tested for his color and coat transmission, it is safe to say that only black and white or chocolate and white puppies are expected from this litter, which can have both smooth and rough coat.

My thoughts about this litter

Seit ca. 3 Jahren habe ich mich nun mit der Rüden-Suche für Tequila befasst. Ich habe gefühlte 1000 Pedigrees durchstöbert, mit vielen Deckrüdenbesitzern Kontakt aufgenommen, mich überall durchgefragt und hunderte Videos angeschaut und eins habe ich bei diesem Theater gelernt: Es ist nahezu unmöglich, einen Rüden zu finden, der selbst (und dessen Verwandtschaft) top gesund ist, ein super Pedigree und einen makellosen Charakter hat und der mir sowohl beim Arbeiten, als auch optisch zu 100% gefällt. Nach 3 Jahren fühlt sich die Veröffentlichung der Wurfankündigung für mich an wie das Ende einer langen Reise. Ich bin wahnsinnig froh letztendlich einen Rüden gefunden zu haben, der alle meine Erwartungen erfüllt und sich zusätzlich noch mit Tequilas Charakter ergänzt.   


Vielleicht ist es ein wenig verrückt, so viel Zeit und Vorarbeit in einen Wurf zu investieren, aber ich denke, dass sich die Arbeit am Ende immer auszahlt. Verrückt ist auch, dass Cinna vor 3 Jahren, zu Beginn meiner Recherchen, noch nicht mal auf der Welt war. Ich kannte Nadine, Cinnas Besitzerin, bereits über Facebook und wurde schon vor Cinnas Turnierkarriere im Agility durch Videos und Bilder auf ihn aufmerksam und nahm Kontakt zu Nadine auf. Natürlich habe ich sie fachgerecht über Cinna ausgequetscht und wollte alles über ihn wissen: Wie verhält er sich im Alltag? Wie reagiert er auf andere Hunde? Wie verhält er sich mit Menschen? Wie reagiert er auf laute Geräusche usw. (an dieser Stelle muss ich mich von Herzen bei Nadine bedanken für ihre unendliche Geduld!). Natürlich war es mir auch wichtig, Cinna persönlich zu treffen, um mir ein eigenes Bild von ihm zu machen.

Und was soll ich sagen… ich habe mich verliebt :)



Since about 3 years I have now dealt with the male search for Tequila. I've watched felt 1000 pedigrees, got in contact with many stud dog owners, asked many people about information and watched hundreds of videos and learned one thing from this theater: It's almost impossible to find a male, who is super healthy (and his relatives, too), has a great pedigree and a perfect character and who I like both while working, as well as visually for 100%. After 3 years, the publication of the litter announcement feels like the end of a long journey for me. I am really happy to finally find a male, that fulfills all my expectations and complements Tequilas character.


Maybe it's a bit crazy to spend so much time and preparation in a litter, but I think the work always pays off in the end. It's also crazy that Cinna was not even born 3 years ago, at the beginning of my research. I already knew Nadine, Cinna's owner, via Facebook and became aware of him through videos and pictures even before Cinna's competition career in Agility started and contacted Nadine. Of course I asked her everything about Cinna: how does he behave in everyday life? How does he react to other dogs? How does he behave to people? How does he react to loud noises, etc. (at this point I have to thank Nadine for her infinite patience!). Of course it was also important for me to meet Cinna in person to get my own picture of him.


And what can I say ... I fell in love :)